Epf134 roles and responsibilities

Within these documents the roles and responsibilities of student teachers, placement providers and tutors are clearly detailed within this programme the practical teaching and professional development booklet is used to monitor and review student progress these booklets are used as the basis for the assessment of the practical teaching.

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Student handbook 2015 – 2016 full time pre-service english pathway faculty of education and professional graduate certificate in post-compulsory education and training contents welcome and introduction 2 course staff contact information 3 starting the programme 4 what will i study 5 aims and outcome of the programme.

Ocr level 4 award in preparing to teach in the lifelong learning sector version 32 assessment criteria, knowledge and evidence linked to practice 1 understand own role, responsibilities and boundaries of role in relation to teaching. epf134: roles and responsibilities jo-anne rutherford in the teaching profession, there are roles, responsibilities and boundaries that are set in place, in order to divide the line between, what is acceptable for a teacher and what is not.

Epf134 roles and responsibilities
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